“Ciao Marcello and Anna et al,
It has taken me longer than intended to mention some of the things that we found to be significant in allowing us to relax and enjoy oursurroundings.
Understanding the Language was an issue we thought could prove troublesome but it was not an issue. Every person were introduced to Icnos were interesting, very helpful and were never late or missing from the nominated place/location. The accommodation we enjoyed was well matched to most of the things we like , interesting locations, quality meals where we stayed and warm greetings from our hosts. Our arrival in Naples , the private pick-up and delivery to Cava de Tirreni was the trigger for our relaxing and enjoying ourselves . ICNOS organised some amazing hosts and we felt spoiled but appreciative of the planning and follow through (we certainly tested the system by not checking whether the taxi was DEFINATELY our booking) Marcello was most helpful in sorting out our initial mistakes and managed to keep his cool. The information package that we received when we checked into our Cava de Tirreni hotel was stunning and the comprehensive description of our future hikes helped us to rise early and get on the trail at each subsequent location. The Isle of Capri was a stunning surprise for us, the hike to the Blue Grotto along the cliff top tracks was superb, the colour of the sea, we rated it equal to the Path of the Gods Trek . We left Italy with broad smiles on our faces having had our best holiday yet and at my tender age of 70 I never felt that I would cover our ICNOS itinerary but my younger wife made sure we followed and enjoyed the next day treks.
Marcello and Anna, your organisational skills and the follow thru was appreciated. If you want to offer any of your future English speaking potential clients the opportunity to contact or discuss aspects of our hikes , you have my permission to share with them my email address.
Best Regards, Bob and Violet La Forest”

“Jewels of ITALY – 27 days in Italy with ICNOS Adventures – AUG 2013