“We just finished a self-guided walking tour of the Amalfi Coast, sponsored by ICNOS Adventures, an amazing organization. Everything that they arranged was perfect. By the time of our trip, I felt that Anna and I were practically old friends, after all of the questions that she answered for me via email. We arrived at Naples Airport and they arranged a private transfer to Amalfi, taking away the normal jetlagged, first-day-in-a-new-country-trying-to-get-to-your-destination issues. Once at our hotel, we received our huge packet of detailed walking plans (one per day), maps, tourist guides, bus schedules – absolutely everything that you would need. The detailed walking plans were wonderful, complete with locations to lunch or pick up a picnic to take with you, and they provided you with choices of different hikes, and of options if you wanted to shorten or reduce the hike with a local bus. We loved all the hotels that they chose and would recommend them to anyone. And when Hurricane Sandy impacted our return home, we sent them an email at 9:30 on Sunday night, and received an answer in minutes, a phone call from Marcello in the morning, and an email followup resolving all the issues, including the fact that our return might be delayed by more than one day. We trusted that they would take care of everything for us and they did.
Pat & William”

“The Jewels of the Amalfi Coast & Rome” – self-guided walking tour – Oct 2012