“A combination of interesting historic sites, charming tourist destinations, celebrated flavors of Italian cooking and fascinating rural traditions characterizes our walking experience in Italy”.
The journey begins in Tramonti, a quiet rural village nestled in a hilly landscape overlooking the Mediterranean sea and famous for its wine producers and the fabulous food of the renowned restaurants. The location of this town is the perfect jumping off point for our adventure and an easy access to the coastal walks. The Amalfi Coast has been chosen by National Geographic as “One of the fifty places you should visit in your lifetime” and they go on to describe it as “ Italy’s most scenic stretch of coastline”. Its picturesque network of pathways, once lifeline between terraced land and rural villages, offers the opportunity to enjoy magnificent views above lemon gardens and vineyards set amidst terraced cliffs over the crystal blue sea. Immerse in a bright landscape and a fascinating heritage we walk around Amalfi and its neighbors: Positano, Atrani and Ravello, a mixture of memorable sights and unique environments.