"During your guided bike tour, away from the traditional circuits, you will experience the authentic side of Puglia, a region still proud to preserve its traditions, folklore and nature: culture is as broad and varied as the region's landscape".
"It's a trip along the Italy’s heel starting from Locorotondo, continuing through the landscapes of Murgia, all along unique sceneries composed by trulli, pignon and terraces. It goes down the vineyard of Salento with its wine & food excellences and finally arrives Lecce, characterized by Baroque style and local folklore, not to mention the fascinating area of Greek Salento, famous for its traditional dances and its tarantulas music. A trip to Puglia tells about natural beauty, architectural and cultural discovers. It 'a journey in Southern Italian roots and traditions ...It's a journey during which you fell the warmth of its inhabitants, strongly tied to their land. They won’t welcome you as a traveller and but as an old friend coming from far away"