Cinque Terre Walking Adventure
“A walk in the Cinque Terre, an area encompassing five towns of medieval origin on Italy’s rugged Ligurian coastline, offers three magic travel ingredients: splendid scenery, varied landscape and a sense of discovery…” The New York Times – Travel.
The Cinque Terre, with its pastel-colored fishing villages and terraced hillsides covered with vineyards and olive trees, constitutes one of Italy’s most impressive landscapes. The Cinque Terre are five (cinque) towns along the Liguria coast, south of Levanto. If there were Sei (six) Terre, the sixth would be Levanto. Santa Margherita Ligure, it is located along the innermost part of the Tigullio gulf, to the east of the Portofino peninsula. Its surrounding hills are covered with Mediterranean vegetation and offer the most favourable setting for spectacular views out onto the coast.