“Hi Anna, Marcello and Francesca,
What a holiday we had, we are now home safely, and I know that all the walkers were most impressed with the service and extensive information provided by Icnos.
Our week on the Amalfi coast was very pleasant, but we found that we did not have the energy and time to do much other than travel from one town to the next explore the town, relax a while, have dinner and sleep. We also found that the train and bus option was less than optimum and used the Ferries which, although more expensive, gave a much more pleasant experience and took less time.
We also got good feedback from the Hotel people about Icnos as one of the “more serious” operators that they deal with. We particularly liked the Hotel in Sorrento. The most important factor in all hotels is the bed, it must be comfortable and not board like.
We will recommend you guys to anybody travelling in Italy and you can expect a call from us the next time we visit Italy. Finally I want to thank you Marcello for you endless patience with me and some apparently dumb questions before and during the trip.
Ciao for now. Best regards, David Bailey”

“Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast & Sorrento” self-guided walking tour – Sept 2013