“Dear Anna and Marcello,
We have had a great holiday organised by Icnos Adventures. We will be commending you to all our friends and acquaintances. You did a marvellous job on our self guided holiday, a lot of thought and time went into the detail and step by step instructions. It pretty much went like clockwork apart from a couple of little things that no one had control of.
We were very impressed with all our accomodation and location, close to transport, in ‘character’ areas. We certainly would have been unable to arrange that for ourselves.
We ‘loved’ Amalfi, that was our favourite place, the location, walks and stunning scenery.
We are definitely nature lovers and to finish our holiday in Stresa was ideal, with those mountains and lush green. The weather was wet and cold the last couple of days however on a whole, the weather was good. Rain in Spoleto and Venice for a day […]. Graham went for a bike ride and thoroughly enjoyed it. We also did a bike ride together which was lovely and that day I struggled with any little hill and did wonder because by then our fitness was pretty good, I thought […]
We didn’t get to Herculaneum. I didn’t matter, you can’t do everything and what we did do and see was terrific.
Thank you both very much for your time and effort and a fabulous holiday.
Denise and Graham”

“4 WEEKS IN ITALY: Rome, Amalfi Coast, Umbria, Tuscany, Venice, Stresa & Milan” – April/May 2012