” Dear Anna and Marcello
We have been so pleased with our trip. Thank you for all your efforts, for sharing your contacts and recommendations, and for connecting us with fantastic accommodations along the Amalfi Coast and for introducing us to your drivers: we enjoyed and trusted and who were very kind and professional at all times. Thank you!
(Apologies too for our own various trip mishaps!)
To me, long exposed to the slow food culture of the San Francisco Bay Area, our night in Tramonti was a particular stand out. I will always be grateful for that unexpectedly fine “pizza dinner” and to our gracious hosts there. Please let us know if you would encourage us to add them to TripAdvisor, or if there are other ways you might recommend we appreciate them…

And you! During our travels we came across others with your detailed notes once in a while. We agreed  – we are lucky to have your guidance as we travel!
Thank you for everything!
Jen and Mike McDougall “

Highlights & backroads of the Amalfi Coast, Rome & Florence

Jen and Mike McDougall – May 2017