“Good morning Marcello, It always takes a bit of time for my travels to synthesize and for me to reflect on what the adventure has meant to me in the great scheme of things. It seems I remember a great deal of laughter and hilarity…good company…earnest thought… spectacular scenery… wonderful food…it is hard to resist the superlatives!!! I’m sorry I didn’t get an e-mail address for Marco so I will ask you to extend to him my sincere appreciation for the time we spent together and for his patience and good humour with an old woman who loves to tease!! I have a sense that Edith and I benefited from your determination to ensure our satisfaction with our travel plans and I am grateful for your attention to my concerns. You deserve to do well Marcello and I hope that will be your good fortune. If I can support or endorse your abilities and “product” I should be happy to do so. Certainly I am telling hiking friends of a marvelous contact for them in Italy! Sara was a delight and we had a fantastic time in Tuscany and Umbria. Paulo is a charming man, by the way, and very reassuring in his manner and approach. I have Sara’s email so I intend to contact her directly.Thank you (and Anna) for a wonderful Italian experience. You would be most welcome as a visitor to Canada and certainly here in my neck of the woods! Wishing you every happiness and continued success. Wendy”

“Cinque Terre & Italian Riviera” & “Walking in Tuscany & Umbria” – guided walking tour – Sept 2010