Sicily cultural tour - ICNOS
“Without Sicily, Italy leaves no image in the soul. Sicily is the key to everything” wrote Johann Wolfgang Goethe in Italian Journey. Don’t lose the chance to enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean crossroad!”
“It is Sicily: a distillation of three thousand years of history, a blend of zestful traditions, ancient cultures, outstanding natural beauty and exuberant people. In Sicily you can savour nuances of the Mediterranean’s most captivating destinations. The island has always been a crossroads where many different civilizations have met and left a heritage of extraordinary cultural variety. It offers well-preserved Greek, Roman, Norman and Saracen ruins, vestiges of the classical world, ancient temples, Greek theatres and awe-inspiring active volcanoes like Etna, the highest Volcano in Europe, one of Sicily’s most iconic sights. Climbing to the summit and seeing inside the smoking craters is a exciting experience.”